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Tyson and his puthie cath


    Tyson and his puthie cath

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    Another benefit to stand-ups is that I can fit a book in that big back pocket

    Anonymous asked: In your opinion, every man should have what 5 items?

    I’m going to sound like every #menswear blog but it’s because it’s true, these are in no particular order:

    1) Navy Blazer
    2) Cordovan tassel loafers
    3) A nice pair of sunglasses (other than Ray Bans)
    4) A signature cologne
    5) Plenty of crisp, white shirts

    Anonymous asked: Hey bud what's the best way to pull off loafer ? I always end up looking like an old man or a ten year old kid going to church.

    Looking like an old man is not necessarily a bad thing; we’re talking cool Italian old man with creased denim, Belgians, and broken English. The loafer is (and should be if it’s not already) one of the coolest pieces of footwear. First, they’re easy to get on and off your foot (duh). Second, they just look plain cool; they’re called loafers for a reason. Lace-ups make me feel too straight-laced (no pun intended). Third, they are extremely versatile. Denim, shorts (gonia 5” preferred here), suits, you name it. The shape of the loafer (combined with a proper trouser break) gives you room to express yourself sartorially, whether it be through fuzzy socks (see maxminimus) or, i dare say it, SANS socks? E.g. seersucker suits work best sockless. A little skin says that you don’t give a damn. The ladies love some ankle porn too.

    You want to stay away (or at least I do) from loafers that have a long vamp (the “upper piece of leather that covers the top of the foot). This results in the foot appearing freakishly long and weird. I enjoy loafers with a low vamp specifically because I have long sasquatch feet; they make my foot look smaller and less sasquatch-like.

    For a first time loafer I’d start with a standard Cole Haan penny loafer, wear it with a some jeans, and go from there. If you’re going to wear loafers with a suit, make sure they have leather soles. Rubber soles are naturally more casual and pair better with chinos, shorts and jeans. Graduate loafing would come from the likes of Rancourt and Meermin. Post graduate loafing is not for the faint of heart.

    sheanstrong asked: I see. I assumed, even after reading your blogs name that you were still a student? I don't know what I was thinking. I'm about to attend a private university here in Georgia. I'm looking forward to it; I feel like there is just a different class of people who attend private institutions. Great blog. Wonderful curation. Have a great one man. S. Strong


    Thanks for the kind words. My wife doesn’t believe this is a real blog, so when someone actually pays me a compliment regarding the content I genuinely appreciate it :) . I went to small, private institutions for both high school and college. I highly recommend private education. You will never forget the relationships you forge with your classmates and professors. I graduated in 2009 and started this blog in 2010, hence the title. Thanks again for the positive response!



    pindotsandgrenadine asked: What are your sartorial challenges when it comes to being a tall person? My main one is OTR shirts being long enough to stay tucked.

    Good question. OTR in general is particularly difficult for both tall and short people, being that is made for the “average” body (whatever that means).

    Jackets/Sport coat- Ideally any sport coat should cut the wearer in half. In addition, like a good lawyer, your jacket should cover your ass.

    Now there are 2 types of tall people:
    guys with longer torsos and guys with longer legs. (If you have both, congratulations, you are Sasquatch) Guys with longer torsos typically have a tougher time finding a jacket to cover their but, where the longer legs crowd maybe can find a jacket that covers the butt, but looks disproportionate compared the entire body.

    I’m 6’6 and typically wear a “babaghanoush special” Ben Silver 43XL nipped a little at the waist. This size allows for the jacket to properly cover my behind and look proportional.

    Shirts are tough as well. If I have a shirt made, I usually ask for extra have an extra bottom button added so the shirt doesn’t pull out of my pants. I am flexible as I can be on sleeve length because I enjoy shirts. I can either pull off a 36” or 37” sleeve, depending on whether or not I see myself rolling up the sleeves. 37” is preferred for my french cuff shirts.

    Sport shirts are exceptionally difficult due to the sport sizing. I adore many sport shirts from the likes of Peter Millar, Barbour, and Vineyard Vines. However I normally don’t purchase them because an XL barely covers my sleeve length. Then I’m left with a blousy shirt that could be altered but then I end up spending an unnecessary amount for a run of the mill sport shirt. I hope I didn’t go off on too much of a tangent. Lots of first world problems here. Don’t even get me started on shoes.

    Anonymous asked: Do you work?

    I try to.

    Anonymous asked: Um. The picture of you and the two other guys... The cute one on the far left... Is he needing a girlfriend?

    He is ready to mingle. The guy is a phenomenal dentist in Gainesville and is an alum of Harvard and UNC.

    Anonymous asked: On a scale of 1-10; 1 being Chuck Norris and 10 being Cher, how gay are you...

    So this is based on the theory that everyone’s a little gay? I’m not sure if this is an ignorant insult or a humorous question. I feel like I know how to dress myself properly, does that mean I like dudes?

    17lettersfromark asked: What's on your list of to be acquired goods?

    Great question. My wife hates this question because it changes from day to day depending on what items pop up on sale from various internet clothiers (including Ebay)

    1) Res Ipsa slippers- the perfect way to transition into fall. They look the part in white denim or green cords.

    2) Filson briefcase- kind of boring, but as I travel more for work, this is getting higher and higher on the list of priorities. I’d consider it an essential.

    3) Some sort of quilted vest- I have a poofy JCrew vest but it has seen better days. I have my eyes on a Barbour piece in classic sage is currently offered by Mr. CarolinaStyle of GC (go see this fella, he’ll set you straight).

    4) At some point I’d like to purchase 2 more pairs of Alden tassel mocs; one in chocolate suede and one in black calfskin.

    Going through lists like this puts things in perspective for me. It makes me realize that I don’t really NEED anything and forces me to stick to the list and not fall prey to a ridiculous Club Monaco sale where I buy 5 pairs of GTH pants for $100. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing, but I’m not strolling the streets of Charleston everyday in a different Skittles smoothie color pant (or am I?).

    Coming from a guy that bought a white linen SC at the Benny end of season sale. I’m a walking contradiction.